Organization of a gala dinner for the World Trade Organization

Event for the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the World Trade Organization

4 - 5 December 2019, 100 participants,
Flotilla Radisson Boat
To organize a gala dinner banquet for 100 people in honor of the World Trade Organization, including an interactive program and a guided tour for delegates. Additionally, arrange for audio, photo, and video recording of WTO sessions. The event planning must be completed within 4 days, including the coordination of a government contract.

We selected 3 professional artist groups and created and approved a performance program for the gala dinner. We also selected professional transport guides for the delegates and hired experts in photography, videography, and audio recording. After the event, we created a video to be posted on the websites of the Ministry of Economic Development and WTO.

Unconventional solutions:
Officially, entry to the Gorky Park territory is prohibited. We successfully negotiated with the Park authorities and arranged for transportation of the Minister on a warm electric car from the pier to the parking area in the middle of the event.
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